Case Studies

Case Studies From GoldfishSEO

Please check-out our case studies here. These are some of the customers we have worked with in different countries, from Australia to Hong Kong. We are happy to take questions and introduce you to any of our clients for references.

400% Growth in Traffic For Blacksmith Supplies shop Brisbane

Sekao Engineering got in touch with GoldfishSEO as they had struggled to attract organic traffic to their website.

86% increase in Visibility Across Search Engines

J. Rotbart & Co. Asked GoldfishSEO to increase the company’s visibility across Singapore and Hong Kong.

High-impact PPC campaign to drive new enquiries at scale within a competitive marketplace.

Asher Property got in touch with GoldfishSEO to push a new sales initiative for a high-end condo using Google Ads.

Increasing new client orders through highly targeted and well managed PPC campaigns.

ESCO of Singapore asked GoldfishSEO to increase the orders of online audio equipment during CoVid-19.

Independent Wealth Manager Website to Generate Leads

Suchitra Wealth Partner Based in Bangkok Thailand Required a Lead Generation and Online Business Card For Her Clients

An International Clothing Patch Manufacturer Website For Online Sales

Vai Trims A 100 Year Old Patch Making Business From Italy Required to Get Into Online Sales During Covid-19

International Procurement Company website Content Change in Pace

Acteus A Procurement company for sustainable energy with officers around the world, required a new website and full revamp of the web content. 

Australian Skincare Provider For monthly written blogs and Newsletters

Colourderma a Brisbane based provider of Skincare products for Skin Conditions required GoldfishSEO to provide monthly blogs and newsletters for their clients.

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