400% Growth In Traffic For Blacksmith Supplies Shop, Brisbane

Sekao Engineering got in touch with GoldfishSEO as they had struggled to attract organic traffic to their website.

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Sekao Engineering is a family run business in Geebung, Brisbane. is the company’s only website . Sekao has been selling magnets, magnetic products, and blacksmith supplies in Australia for over 25 years. The site is an Ecommerce shop for the sale of Magnets and Blacksmith supplies across Australia.

This case study is regarding how to attract organic traffic and increasing sales .The website came to GoldfishSEO with the simple fact they had never sold anything in the 2yrs they had the online store open. The request was simple, get the shop selling.

The task however, was far from being simple.

Issues To Solve

Audit issues to solve

Assess the site and decide on a course of action that rectify the issues. The website was poorly created on a custom theme using wordpress CRM. The site navigation and architecture was all wrong and needed to be overhauled.  

Sorting out the content

We created unique content for every main page, category and sub-category in order to increase the Expertise- Authority and Trust of the website. We then added a series of blogs to fill in content gaps.

Off-Site backling problems

GoldfishSEO put together a strong Off-site backlinking strategy that included foundation link building and outreach. This provided a solid base from which to establish a higher Domain Authority.

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Sekao Engineering - Attract Organic Traffic With GoldfishSEO 21
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How the site ended up

As you can see from the stats above the website now ranks #1 for 135 keywords. And ranking for 395 keywords in total, giving it a visibility of 97% across search engines.

The website sales have increased month on month even during Covid, and has seen sales of over $20,000 AUD per month.

The client has gone from zero traffic to over 4000 unique visitors, Monthly.

They have collaborations with Blacksmithing schools, Youtubers and workshops across Australia.

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