CoVid-19 is changing the way people shop for goods and services. GoldfishSEO Provides pay per click advertising strategy’s that can help you take advantage during these times.  We are an Internet Marketing Agency that provides your business with effective ways to get your brand in front of high converting customers. And, increase your search engine visibility immediately, by using our PPC management services.

Pay Per Click Advertising Facts


of the internet is reached by the Google Display Network


of browsers call the advertisers whose ad they click on


of Top Paid search Ads Get More Clicks per search

Pay Per Click Advertising | GoldfishSEO ? your Traffic 2021

Google Ads Agency In Bangkok

Being a Google Partner for the Google Ads platform, providing quality pay per click advertising is something that we take a lot of pride in here at Goldfish. All our PPC staff are fully qualified by Google each year, in order to maintain our Partner status.

Our approach towards paid advertising is driven by detailed data driven decisions to deliver high impact campaigns. With our 14yrs of industry expertise, our fully integrated PPC management agency are experts in all areas of paid search from; Google search Ads, Bing Ads, Google Display and Google Shopping.

At GoldfishSEO, We understand that the world of paid search is constantly evolving. Collaborating with a PPC agency in Bangkok that not only understands this, but also your business, and will help your campaigns outperform the competition, on a constant basis. 

GoldfishSEO has built a reputation in helping companies out perform their PPC performance expectations. That could be anything from reducing lead-costs, improving conversion rates or driving ROI. All through intelligent campaign strategy.

Full Service PPC Agency Bangkok

Proven Strategies

Proven strategies for measuring, executing and optimizing for Pay Per Click Advertising in Bangkok. We say what we do and do what we say.

Speed Of Success

We will work with you to build a PPC strategy that will give you results, Fast. 

Transparency in Execution

We provide complete transparency in all that we do. Providing monthly conferences and reports to ensure you know exactly what’s happening with your PPC campaigns.

Certified PPC Agency Bangkok

High-impact PPC campaign to drive new enquiries at scale within a competitive marketplace.

Asher Property got in touch with GoldfishSEO to push a new sales initiative for a high-end condo using Google Ads.

Increasing new client orders through highly targeted and well managed PPC campaigns.

ESCO of Singapore asked GoldfishSEO to increase the orders of online audio equipment during CoVid-19.

Why You Need Pay Per Click Advertising Bangkok

The fact is, PPC advertising can do things SEO cannot do.

PPC can get you business through the door fast. If implemented correctly you can be seen by your target audience right away.

No waiting for backlinks to kick in, no waiting for Google to index your website.

If you are a start-up and need business fast, PPC ads will do that for you.

If your business is struggling and you need business fast… PPC ads will do that for you.

If your business is riding the crest of a wave and you want more… PPC ads will do that too

A Few Facts For Remarketing


of initial visitors will leave a website without doing anything. 


of returning visitors are more likely to buy from that website


of users are more likely to return if they are reminded 3/4 times

The Power Of Remarketing

Retargeting is a powerful way to increase brand awareness and drive purchases. Comscore reported that retargeting drove 1046% more branded search, with repeated exposure increasing the chance of drawing new customers ever closer to purchasing. Also increasing a customers lifetime value by up to 77%.

Retargeted ads also work hard at building customer affinity through positioning messaging based on user interests.

In fact 17% of media businesses, 10% tech & healthcare firms, 9% finance companies and 8% education/government all invest in it!

The straight fact is that 93% of web users that come to your website for the 1st time won’t leave their email address. They will not contact you or buy from your store.

The fact is, in order to make more sales, you must work hard and retarget these people so that they convert into buyers after watching multiple ads online.

Retargeting increases conversion rates over time; however it is best if this does not happen too often as the rate begins dropping drastically when there are 6 ad views in a short period of time.