SEO for B2B

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SEO for B2B

Historically SEO for B2B hasn’t been the main solution for large B2B companies. Such businesses always preferred the straight sales streams and contacts as their main operating tools.

But recently the rules of the game have changed. These rules have given SEO a whole new significance for the B2B market.

Customers have always preferred to make informed decisions. Therefore, they tend to conduct a serious amount of research as a part of their strategy, before making that ‘buy’ decision.

In the light of the new rules, a new way of completing that research has forced itself upon B2B buyers and sellers. It has shaped itself only over these last several months, but now looks quite promising (from an SEO perspective), and most probably will form the face of B2B marketing in the future.

During CoVid-19, the need to move all activity online to have an opportunity to continue operating under the pressure of restrictions and lockdowns has been evident. So what the B2B market faces now, is the need to adopt ‘True’ SEO principles in order to move into an uncertain future.

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Finding the Balance

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So what does SEO have to offer for the B2B market? Firstly, an online presence has become an important feature in our everyday lives. Currently, due to CoVid-19, 92% of executives are making a search online before making their buying decision. With CoVid, it has become crucial for survival. And there are two main paths to follow when looking to attract these executives.

You could produce huge amounts of articles with the main purpose of which, is to contain desired outbound and inbound links and try and gain links in return. Those articles are usually considered quite thin and tend to have no informative value. They are produced in a vast quantity to try and climb the rankings quickly. That is why they are hardly ever relevant to the B2B market, where the research performed is done in order to make informed decisions.

It’s an ‘ok’ strategy, to climb the rankings, sure. But, does it give value to your client base? A small fluff piece thrown on your blog for the sake of putting out content won’t be following the Google guide of EAT (Expertise-Authority-Trust). And it won’t gain you a whole load of fans for your business either, due to it seen as non-informative content marketing ‘click bait’ and will seen as a waste of time to them.

Backlinks are Important in 2021

Some feel SEO mostly focuses on generating large amounts of backlinks. This is not true! Sure, even in 2021 backlinks are important, but certainly not the full package. In the case of SEO for B2B, it is much more important to generate valuable content that might lead to only one link but, will lead to much more targeted traffic, and customers being able to make that ever so valuable +ROI decision on your product or service.

When it comes to that one generated link. Well, this link is also pretty valuable for the whole project too. It’s a natural relevant link to an article on your site by someone in your target. If placed correctly with the right keywords and anchor text, it could well be the gold you needed.

As a result, and as backlinks will always remain a part of SEO. The main purpose to do SEO for B2B is not to generate artificial numbers through non-informative content, that ultimately will end up in a fruitless non-targeted approach. But to generate thought leadership, that results in decisions. 

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SEO for B2B By Goldfish SEO

Goldfish SEO is a dedicated SEO company, and experts in all forms of SEO. We provide advice and practical application for International, Local, and Voice search.  We can provide advice and guidance for all of the search platforms, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Line, and all the others.

If you have a problem with your customers finding you online, GoldfishSEO can help. Not Just SEO for B2B, but for B2C as well. Why not contact us today for a free website audit and get started from there.

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