The Pitfalls Of Choosing The Wrong SEO Agency

How do you know if they are the right SEO Agency for you? Choosing which company meets your needs isn’t always a walk in the park. This guide will help you start on the right path in your search for the right SEO Agency that will meet your company’s needs.

First, know your company target and your desired results

Know your client when content marketing

Focus on finding an SEO agency for your Company’s goal. Let’s say that you’re a clothing company, with the desired goal being seen in all search engines right away when people type in words that are relevant to your company. Attracting these people to your company’s website and potentially make a purchase as your desired result.

Base on the example above, it’s easier to know what type of SEO company is worth considering when you know your company goals and desired outcomes. Considering this first in knowing oneself and knowing exactly what your ultimate goals are will help you in your selection process.

Choosing “THE” SEO agency for your company.

After knowing your goal and desired results, finding an SEO agency, “THE” SEO company will be crucial. There are hundreds of SEO companies that will be after doing business with you. Before choosing, try considering the following before working with one.

SEO case studies

The Pit Falls of Choosing an SEO Agency - Goldfish Seo

If possible, ask for samples of company websites that they are currently working with. Ask for the keyword rankings they helped these company websites achieve. The SEO agency’s case studies should showcase their work and provide solid examples of their work and skill. These Case studies are evidence of the SEO agency’s capability to provide positive results and deliver that outcome for your company.

Testimonials and Reviews

Almost all customers look out for reviews and testimonials before choosing a product, service, and business partner. They do this because it helps them to establish trust and filter out companies that have a terrible reputation. The best agencies typically have a lot of long-term customers who have recommended members of their professional circle to the same Agency. This also applies to choosing the right SEO agency for you.

SEO Agency experience

It’s always a good idea to check and how long the company has been in the SEO business. The length of time that an SEO agency in the business is an indication of their level of experience. Experienced businesses understand the changing trends and know what works or not. An agency’s experience matters because it’s proof of who they are. You can learn more about an agency’s past performance by checking their website, their social media, or reaching out to them and asking to see their past campaigns. Again, they will be your business partner so asking for proof and looking at their body of work is key.

Visit and Meet your shortlisted SEO agency

Choosing an SEO agency is choosing a business partner. An ideal business partner should be able to understand your business and your goals. Schedule a tour, schedule a meeting with the SEO agency and meet the people who will possibly work on your project. Scheduling a meeting will help start building a great business relationship and give you the confidence that you are with the right business partner.

Goldfish SEO Experts

For lead generation and customer acquisition, pretty much nothing beats SEO.

This is where Goldfish comes in. We are a professional SEO Agency based in Thailand and Australia. We are here to help you with all your SEO requirements, be it on-site, off-site, and Tech. We provide you with the understanding that will set up your website for the long term and optimize for performance and conversions.

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