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The Client

Established and thriving in the dynamic city of Bangkok, Thailand, Ready AI has been at the forefront of the AI consulting industry for over two decades. With a laser focus on navigating the intricate realm of artificial intelligence, Ready AI delivers tailored AI solutions, strategic advice, and robust tech implementations that cater to a diverse set of industries globally.

The Website

Ready AI 


The Objective

Ready AI entrusted GoldfishSEO, our web design and development team, with the responsibility to deliver a cutting-edge website encapsulating their pioneering spirit in AI consultancy. The website should be a reflection of their sophisticated services while being user-centric, easy to manage, and featuring an intuitive navigation system that visitors find effortless to engage with.


The Challenge

Ready AI required a high-caliber website that effectively communicates their unparalleled expertise in AI consultancy, capturing the interest of potential clients and collaborators worldwide. The website was expected to be easy to manage, user-friendly, and exhibit a navigation scheme that’s seamless and logical.

The Project

GoldfishSEO designed and developed a custom WordPress website for Ready AI, keeping in mind a comprehensive UI and UX strategy. Leveraging the versatility of the Elementor page builder, we incorporated numerous functionalities to enhance user engagement and comprehension. A carefully crafted content strategy, bolstered with rigorous on-site SEO, ensured Ready AI’s message reached its intended audience effectively. As part of our end-to-end solution, we also included web hosting and a year’s worth of maintenance in the package, ensuring that Ready AI’s digital presence remains up-to-date and effective in the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence.


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